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Housing Infastructure Fund Consultation Response

By Mrs Roxana Brammer Frindsbury Extra Parish Council

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


Frindsbury Extra Parish Council Contributor


Please see below response from Frindsbury Extra Parish Council in response to Medway Councils Housing Infastructure Fund consultation.

The response was submitted 06/04/2021.

Hoo New Routes to Good Growth

Further to your consultation document regarding the proposals for improved infrastructure to support the emerging local plan to deliver significant growth to Hoo St Werburgh with around 12,000 new homes together with significant new commercial proposals at Medway One and Kingsnorth which has already seen developments such as Amazon locating a substantial premises in this area which has already seen issues with lorries being parked all over the peninsula together with significant increase in commercial traffic which by the admission of your own cabinet papers dated 5th February 2019 indicated that existing highway infrastructure was at full capacity in particular Four Elms Hill which is subject of a AQMA.

Whilst the Parish Council understands the need for new roads to support the Local Plan proposals, we have serious concerns relating to the current proposals as outlined in the Pell Frischmann reports in particular to the proposal to launch a flyover from Higham Road on to the Wainscott Bypass. As I know you are aware the consultation documents failed to reach many parishioners living close to these proposals within our Parish Council area. We would therefore seek confirmation that all residents who are likely to be affected have been duly consulted including our senior parishioners who may not have use of technology such as the internet or have computer use/skills.

From the consultation it is clear that you have no alternative plans should your current proposals fail due severe environmental impact on the current proposals, we are aware that in discussion with Kelly Tolhurst and Stop The Wainscott Flyover Group that alternative plans have been discounted, we seek to review those alternatives that have been discounted and for what reasons. I understand that alternatives have been put forward by both Ward Councillors and the aforementioned action group with total rejection could we have an explanation as to why they have been rejected as it would appear that as only one proposal is on the table Medway Council seem to reject any form of consultation or debate on potential alternatives.

When the Wainscott Bypass was built it was placed in a cutting in order to protect residential properties on Liberty Park, Higham Road, Grant Road &Leigh Road from noise and potential breathable pollutants. The properties on Liberty Park whilst having the benefit of a noise reducing fence at the top of the bank residents have recorded noise levels of 77db on the residential side of the fence. This will only increase as traffic from the proposal will be both closer and at a higher level than currently in situ. Also we currently have an air quality management area designated on Four Elms Hill which already are significantly higher than recommended by the World Health Organisation. It therefore could be assumed that should these proposals go forward serious health issues could be encountered by existing residents whilst I have seen your application for an EIA has been submitted and determined by council planning officers, we would like to see more transparency to all reports regarding environmental impact in particular air quality and noise but also how net biodiversity will be achieved in the area if the proposals are approved. In particular to the Chalk stream that runs across Islingham Farm Road which is a rare type of chalk stream with historical importance to the area and the banks of the existing Wainscott Bypass which has now matured.

In conclusion without more information on the issues outlined in this objection and tangible evidence as to why this is the only proposal on the table, we must concur with our parishioners to strongly object to the current proposals. We look forward to a response to the questions posed in this response.

Yours Sincerely

Chris Sparks

Chairman for Frindsbury Extra Parish Council

6th April 2021

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Mrs Roxana Brammer

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