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David Coomber Memorial Bench

On the 21st May 2022 Frindsbury Extra Parish Council held an event on Coomber Green by way of placing a memorial bench in honour of David Coomber.

David first became a parish councillor in 1972 , it wasn't too long before he was elected chairman of the parish council in 1977 serving an initial term until 1979 , he served a further term as Chairman commencing in 1987 until the last election in 2019 were he stepped down  as chairman but still remained a parish councillor until his passing . In total David severed the Frindsbury Extra Parish for 48 years his devoted public and social duties on behalf of the parish have seen the PC  provide and maintain several green open spaces for the benefit of parishioners together with the hub of the community  being able to use the memorial hall which provides space for many activities such as WI, Brownies , Guides, over 50's club , Beekeepers , Slimming World and many other as well as providing a venue for those special occasions such as birthday parties, christenings or meetings including the parish council meetings.

It is due to the devoted work that David made over many years has left Frindsbury Extra Parish Council in the strong position it now finds itself today , his devotion to duty combined with many hours representing FEPC on external committee's and social engagements in the community has left a legacy which is hard to follow but we will try to live up to his high standards of honour , fairness in debate and leadership to continue the excellent work he carried out on behalf of the Parish.

It was only right and proper that we should honour his memory by placing a bench as a small token of our appreciation for his devoted service to the community that he lived in and served so well.